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  2. I’m posting pictures of behind the scenes and some of the hidden easter eggs in the design.


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  5. Anonymous said: Who designs your clothes?

    The costume designer for The Golden Girls was Judy Evans. I can’t find out much about her (from the quick Google search I just did), but I think we can all agree she is a genius. There is some interesting info on her (and other amazing costumer designers) here, and the part specific to GG below…

    CD Judy Evans spearheaded many shows in the eighties, but two of the most influential stood in sharp contrast to the landscape of broad shouldered, waspwaisted suits. The first was The Golden Girls.

    Not only did The Golden Girls gather critical acclaim, it beloved by a broad audience. Evans took the direction from the producers to create a vibrant look for the four mature leads, and ran with it. It was a breakthrough show, with Evans single-handedly redefining what “dressing your age” looked like. From Dorothy’s layered looks in intriguing fabrics paired with low boots and sophisticated jewelry to Blanche’s unabashed embrace of her femininity, The Golden Girls ensemble cast is considered by some to be the prototype for Sex and the City. Evans worked hard to keep the characters distinct and give them an optimistic vitality with color that suited their upbeat Florida surroundings. She chuckles, “I got an awful lot of fan mail!” The costumes, however, inspired such appreciation because they freed an entire generation to age gracefully and beautifully.

    She is now a potter


  6. Sophia’s Cardigans Again

    I can’t think of anything witty to say about Sophia’s classic look. I just love it, especially because this time it’s with a plaid dress (nightgown?… I want to think dress). 

    Similar, but not the same cardi later in the episode. Of course I love this purple collared shirt too. Her shirt and cardi combos are always spot on.

    And now this final photo of shocked Blanche, Sleepwear Queen and Sophia. How could Dorothy spend the night with Stan’s brother?! Watch episode eight in season three to find out!


  7. Blanche Devereux, Queen of Sleepwear (part 2)


    Yet another amazing nightgown and kimono worn by Blanche. She knows how to sleep in style. And she hadn’t even spent the night with a man! She was rejected, and then slept in this! 


    Bow down for Queen Blanche.


  8. Looking Good, Stan.

    Stan wore something kinda nice for once! This HBC-esque sweater is awesome, and looks far better than the horrible track suit he’ll be dressed in later this same episode. Embrace your age, Stan! Stop acting like you are in your 20’s!


  9. Dorothy’s Leather Trench

    Something about this jacket is amazing.

    The colour? The length? The leather?? 

    The shoulder pads. 


  10. Strange Bedfellows - Classic Sophia

    There is nothing particularly different about this outfit. The button-up collared shirt tucked in to high-wasted trousers topped with a cardigan - typical Sophia. But I do especially love the texture at the top of this sweater mixed with the yellow plaid. 

    Also, this picture has been my background for the past two weeks:

    Love me one of Sophia’s Sicily stories!!