1. Strange Bedfellows - Classic Sophia

    There is nothing particularly different about this outfit. The button-up collared shirt tucked in to high-wasted trousers topped with a cardigan - typical Sophia. But I do especially love the texture at the top of this sweater mixed with the yellow plaid. 

    Also, this picture has been my background for the past two weeks:

    Love me one of Sophia’s Sicily stories!!


  2. Strange Bedfellows - The Confrontation

    The Girls are at home when they watch the press conference where Gil Kessler admits to the affair. Blanche is wearing a pink sweater with matching pink earrings and silver silk pants (a theme in this episode…)


    She then throws on the silk jacket that matches the pants and - poof!- she is ready to single-handedly fight this battle against her reputation. How dare they think she slept with an ugly politician!!


    "If you even win this election, it won’t mean a hill of beans! ‘Cause it won’t be you winning.”


  3. Strange Bedfellows - Blanche’s response

    Blanche first disputes the Girls’ affair accusations in this elegant sleeping attire:


    I seriously can’t get over the fabulousness of this pastel nightwear. 


    I don’t know where the fabric starts or ends, nor do I care. I just want it!!


  4. Strange Bedfellows - the saga of the supposed affair…

    You guuuuys, Blanche had an affair with a hopeful city councilman! Probably because she was wearing this foxy outfit at the campaign party the Girls hosted…


    Notice the sharp lines, silkyness and polka-dot pattern. 


    Who could resist this woman?!


  5. The Golden Girls guide to dressing for a funeral - Pt. 3 - Dorothy

    If you’re the reasonable & level-headed one…


    Wear an appropriate, yet slightly confusing, black ensemble. 

    Here Dorothy is wearing a calf-length black skirt and white blouse. Over the blouse is a long black jacket-y thing. The collar almost looks like a scarf (totally fooled me!), but is more likely the lining (?) since the pattern makes a second appearance on the rolled-up sleeves. Maybe it’s just an amazing detail. Either way it’s perfection.


    (p.s. notice how I didn’t call Dorothy the ‘manly’ or ‘ugly’ one, and instead called her the reasonable one?? Yeah, that’s right. I’m single-handedly redefining Dorothy Zbornak!!)


  6. The Golden Girls’ guide to dressing for a funeral - Pt. 2 - Blanche

    If you’re a bit of a floozy…


    Wear a curve-hugging, yet modest black dress.

    Choose elegant accessories. If they’re a matching set, all the better!

    Don’t forget the shoulder pads, ladies!


  7. The Golden Girls’ guide to dressing for a funeral - Pt. 1 - Rose

    If you’re a girl-next-door…

    Pick an accent colour and run with it. Here Rose is dressed in simple black and bold red for her aunt’s funeral. Perhaps she is keeping her mind off of her nerves - with a red blouse and matching red nails, lips, and jewelry. And that clutch! 


  8. Dorothy in a vest and whatnot.

    Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself - Season 3 Episode 5


    I am all about this pocketed-vest with collared-blouse combo. Another winner.


  9. Sophia and her aprons.

    Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself - Season 3 Episode 5

    Sophia cooks in the BEST outfits! Two amazing examples this episode (although, there are examples of her fancy cooking outfits every episode) are the multicoloured, bow-tie number and the blue pleated, paisley number.



    For the record, these are both dresses. And note the different aprons!! 


    This woman has style!


  10. Blanche ain’t afraid of huge butterfly sleeves….

    Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself - Season 3 Episode 5

    In this episode, Blanche is afraid of a room full of bald men… and wears an amazing butterfly-sleeved sweater. 

    This is clearly around-the-house, loungewear. In the 00’s this would’ve been a Juicy velour tracksuit. In 1987 it’s a shoulder-padded, pastel pink butterfly sweater with matching lounge pants. Yes, please!!